March 8th, 2010

Snapshot of Venice. By Michael Williams from his novel,  “Alex laid bare.”

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  • It’s well worth waiting for the gondola to appear.

    By : Anthony Wieler : on Saturday, 13th March 2010
  • Good article. Just a few practical tips for a serene visit to La Serenissima:-

    1. Avoid June - September. It’s difficult to move through the vast crowds of tourists.

    2. Avoid October - early January. Far less people but too much water - the water often submerges large parts of Venice including Piazza San Marco - over 60 days a year at the last count compared to about 10 times a year at the beginning of the 20th century.

    3. Check the restaurant reviews carefully. With a largely itinerant customer base, some of the restaurants are not so focussed on customer loyalty.

    By : David Grainge : on Monday, 29th March 2010

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