January 17th, 2011

OMG! Meet Lesley Pilkington. She thinks she can turn gay men straight. Lol!!


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  • I think its a little unfair to call her a gay hater. She was approaced by someone who said he wanted to change his lifestyle and she attempted to help him. As someone who spent the majority of my adult life as a lesbian before coming to faith and realising that I wasn’t infact gay but actually just very lost. I don’t think it is fair to say that no one living a gay lifestyle can be changed, many people come out as gay in later life having lived a very happy heterosexual life and many people who have lived a gay lifestyle happily return to heterosexual (like myself) I am now a wonderfully happily married straight lady and I can assure you I am much helped by my change in sexuality. I am much happy straight than I ever was as gay and I believe whole heartedly that people can change. If someone appraches someone for help with this and is given this help then that is there option. To punish the doctar involves just means that to others who want to change and get help will be afraid to do some because the homosexual world says it can’t happen. When for many people it can.

    By : Natalie : on Saturday, 22nd January 2011
  • Although homosexuality has an associated lifestyle and subculture, it is not a lifestyle in itself. It is an integral part of a sexual identity. Far be it from me to say that there is no individual who posesses the plasticity of mind to move between sexual categories. Furthermore, it is true that some may be confused about their sexual identity, and “adopt” homosexuality, later realising that they were not gay. The reasons for such confusion are numerous; whether it be due to early sexual encounters or a rejection of strict or traditional sexual norms and roles, especially pertaining to gender. However, it is a dangerous misconception that homosexuality as a phenomenon is something that can generally be “corrected” by systematic psychotherapy. This would categorise the general phenomenon as something akin to a syndrome, disorder or maladaptation. There is a definite biological foundation for homosexuality. The evidence for this ranges from genetics that result in a variant form of brain masculinisation due to hormonal stimuli in the womb, variant localisation in the brain and even anatomical and physiological differences. I think it would be a professional’s responsibility to ascertain what the origin of the “problem” identity is and whether in fact it is a problem. It may the be found that the patient actually needs help with self-understanding and self-acceptance rather than a “cure” that would involve an attempt at complete psychological restructuring, often to great detriment to the patient.

    By : Ludwig : on Sunday, 23rd January 2011
  • *often to the great detriment of the patient.
    Excuse the error:)

    By : Ludwig : on Sunday, 23rd January 2011

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