October 2nd, 2010

Mr. Gay South Africa™ 2010 – The Insider Viewpoint


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  • Wow,what a unique perspective on the competition,and so personal! Very impressive. Clearly this boy has got talent.

    But judging from the photos,he should rather have qualified as a finalist in this competition! Clearly he has the body, the brains & the gusto to represent the country’s Gay community!!!

    Well done Conraad!!! xxxxxxx

    By : Impressed Fan : on Monday, 04th October 2010
  • This sounded like a wonderful pageant! It had everything needed: attractive contestants, meaningful questions and camaraderie. You are right, more countries should have something like this. Oh, and congratulations on winning Mr. Personality!

    By : Birmingham DUI Lawyer : on Tuesday, 26th October 2010
  • “Impressed Fan” is Conrad’s ‘Hubby’ Karl. I can see from the wording and the photos of anorexic disbelief thsi column was ALSO written by Karl.

    By : Bryan : on Monday, 01st November 2010

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