April 30th, 2010

How much are you?

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  • You know i can relate to this even in the states. When i was a young teen (16 thru 18) i was escorting for a long time to make money. Sure the money was great but it spins your mind for the rest of your life the whole mentality of pride and dignity is pretty much out the window, but you have to do what you have to do to survive. You do not look at sex or relationships the same way after doing escorting for money for a long time it takes years to feel the attraction and also the “real love” when you have sex.

    the strange thing is i do not regret anything in my life because some of the people were really nice and it was not all about sex, there was some decent people who just wanted a “friend” and or companion. as long as you have your own rules and regulations and standards the whole dancer, escort and sex for money thing can be very good if you play your cards right. It just sucks that some of the ages that get wrapped into that.

    By : Matt : on Friday, 07th May 2010
  • Matt, that’s a really interesting viewpoint. And illuminating to hear it from someone who has actively been an escort. It sounds like you have the issue pretty sorted now. And it’s good that you don’t regret the experience. Have a look at our “Kept Boy” piece and let us know if that also resounds with you.

    By : Michael : on Friday, 07th May 2010
  • does dignity get you by your daily life? we can’t measure all these on to these boys when their youth is maybe their only source of income..

    By : kelle : on Sunday, 09th May 2010
  • Kelle, I partially agree. These boys mainly come from the poor North of Thailand. They can choose to stay in their villages and live a life of relative poverty. Not a great choice, admittedly. Or they can choose to move to Bangkok or Pattya and earn a lot more from their bodies. So the life of a go-go boy is their choice if they want a better income. But it’s not their ONLY source of possible income.

    By : michael : on Tuesday, 11th May 2010

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