September 1st, 2010

Conraad Jonas. The next Mr Gay South Africa?


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  • My opinion is that this entire pageant is just a waste of time. Most of these guys are part of a group of friends who are constantly tweaked and riddled with drugs, when you get over here, go over to their regular hangout joints and you will see what I mean. They just give the gay community a bad name.

    By : Michael : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • This guy is to young, Isnt he still a teenager? I dont have time for skreaming Queens anyway! Not even to think about Drag Queens…So my vote is a no for this guy.

    By : Craig : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • To Michael: I am Karl-Heinz’ s best friend and both Karl and Conraad is part of my friend circle and NEITHER of my friends or I myself use ANY form of drugs!!! You do not insult my integrity like that unless you can provide prima faci evidence. I know Karl’s Landlord personaly, I know the condition of their fine home inside and out and you will NOT find any funny drugs or crap in their possetion. I’ve got one of the most decent and loyal group of friends in the Gauteng gay community! Look me up on fb, and meet me in person before you post such crap.  Graig, I’ve seen Conraad’s ID, yes his 19 and young but have done a lot at his age to make any oldy jelous. And his more butch acting then most ‘screaming queens’ could ever wish to be. Please ensure you’ve actualy met the person before you judge, or do you want to be judged like that as well?

    By : Frans Zeelie : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • very well done , its awsome to see people like you in the gay community , we need more like you, your ambitious and you are someone any gay man or young guy should look up to , thank you for spreading out a positive message out to us all !!!
    POSITIVITY is one of the best things ever !!!!

    good luck and i would like you to win MR GAY SA!!!!


    By : Gareth : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • OMW!!! Wow!!! What an incredibly sexy guy, and so mature for his age!!!! I think it would do the SA gay community good to have such a young gay guy as a finalist!!! It will prove that the gay youth can also represent and especially given Conraad and his boyfriend’s strong beliefs in monagamy, he would be a great representative!!!

    Conraad: You have my vote for sure, and i wish you the best of luck. May you make us all proud - you deserve to win this! And always stand by your man, no matter what!!! He clearly loves you dearly, and loive like that hardly comes arouind twice in a lifetime!!!!!!!! Mwah!

    By : Conraad Fan : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • Conraad is truly a deserving contestant. Not only has he proven that he is wise beyond his years, he is a down-to-earth, amazing individual, with his heart in the right place and with moral values and high standards.

    I truly believe he would do the LGBTI community proud, should he be selected as a finalist for this prestigious competition!!!

    It is time that our country got representatives we can be proud of! Someone who is NOT more sexually active than Joey from Friends; someone who does NOT use every opportunity to get drunk or high; someone who does NOT have a shady past of indiscretions…

    So, Show your support for CONRAAD JONAS - the youth leader for young South African gay guys! grin

    By : Karl-Heinz Michel : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • I don’t know, to be honest I don’t think any relationship could be that perfect… Isn’t the beauty in a relationship found in reality of it, it isn’t a fairy tale, relationships have conflicts and what makes them stronger is getting through them.

    I think monogamy is of utmost importance yes and I find it sicking at how normal and flipant it’s considered to cheat on the apparent person you love so i’m all for that view.

    Do I believe a 19 year old can accurately portray this message? Especially considering he is in his first (real) relationship which on top of that is only in it’s 1st year?

    No. Unfortunately not, I think the correct age would be about a 21-25 year old. 18-21 is usually the coming out discovering sexuality stage 21-25 is when we’re settled into and comfortable with our decision in being gay and the full ramifications of that.

    We need a ambassador who is real, not angel and not a flapping queen, we need a real person, a person who has issues who has been cheated on and has done drugs and who has made mistakes.

    It is stupid to preach don’t do drugs or stay monogamous when you can’t understand where people come from when they do it.

    We need someone people can follow a leader, someone who is here for the good of all of us not just to tell there message but to tell ours.

    By : N/A : on Thursday, 02nd September 2010
  • Dear N/A (why so anonymous?):

    I agree with you: No relationship is “perfect” - and that is why Conraad and I work so well together. We do not air our “dirty laundry” in public like some other gay couples do. Yes we have our differences, but we have a rule in our house: “Never go to bed angry”! Because we are open and honest with each other, the relationship runs smoothly, because there is compassion, understanding and passion.

    Regarding Conraad in the competition - true, maybe he does not have enough life experience to win the Grand Title, but that is not his aim! He solely wants to be a finalist to have a platform for his message, which is also the message of thousands of other people. At age 19, he has experienced more in and from the gay community, than 90% of the gay guys his age, and I dare say more than 50% of the gay community as a whole.

    You cannot judge a person’s worth merely from a 2-page interview, or accurately form a picture of who they are from spending less than 5 minutes in their company. That is why the judging process of the competition is so magnificent - it envelopes all factors others might not think of.

    Yes, I may be biased in my opinion about Conraad, but I am also able to step back and look at it from an objective point of view; and honestly - he does have the potential to be a rolemodel in our community; and given the opportunity for his voice to be heard, he could grow into an incredible ambassador for all of us.

    At the end of the day, I guess all of us just want to have our voices heard; to get a chance to say what we think; and fight for what we believe in. So let’s give this young man - who has entered the competition for the RIGHT reasons - a chance to make a difference… grin

    By : Karl-Heinz Michel : on Friday, 03rd September 2010
  • What is more inspiring: youthful idealism or mature sophistication? What is more surprising: a young gay guy prepared to articulate principles that might seem unfashionable to most of his peers or older gays sharing experiences acquired along predictable paths? As a medium devoted to news and inspiration, we at Lustralboy vote for youthful idealism and surprising personal ethics. That’s why we featured Conraad in the first place. That’s why we are very proud to have done so.

    By : Editorial team : on Friday, 03rd September 2010
  • hiya guys i’ve sent u a message on your profile on facebook, conraad i hope that you win mr gay SA , u truly are an inspiration to gay youth in south africa keep up the good work

    By : m k munden : on Friday, 03rd September 2010
  • Conraad I must say I read all the questions you have been asked and well to be honest, You put things in a great new way of looking at it, A boy soon to be man with great and amazing things to come, I support and wish you well on this ventu…re. Go for it and never let anyone say you can not do it as I do believe you have are here for great and wonderful things to come, The old are getting older and you are te future as they move out of the scenes and off the maps. I trust you will do an amazing job of the title should you get it. My support and the support of Herons are behind you

    By : Robert : on Friday, 03rd September 2010
  • Luckily this infant didn’t win the competition LOL

    By : Pieter F Pretorius : on Monday, 06th September 2010
  • Ag dis nou jammer om te hoor Pietertjie! Komende van n afgewaterde klein snotkop wat nie eens kon kwaliviseer as n finalis vir Mr Ramp Divas nie?? En dan nog agter sy vetgat BF Wickus ook nog skuil en op sy reputasie ry omdat jy niks op jou eie sal uitgerig kry nie, ne?

    Ten minste het Conrad 3e geplaas in KZN en was n top 10 finalis in Jhb; EN hy hoef nie op Carl-Heinz se reputasie te ry om iewers te kom nie… Shame, jy is darem maar pateties. En jy praat van “infancy”... Sterkte vir jou skattie, jy het nog BAIE om te leer van die lewe.

    Conraad - YOU ARE OUR HERO, an incredible rolemodel and ambassador in our community, and don’t ever let people of lesser value diminish your accomplishments or get you down! Always stay the positive, inspirational person that you are!!! Proud to know you!! grin

    By : Jaco : on Tuesday, 07th September 2010

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