December 30th, 2016

Goodbye to the Year of Loss.

It's hard to see 2016 as anything other than the year of loss. We lost a cruiseship load of celebrities, musicians, artists and actors, but sadly too few politicians to make a difference. Various electoral entities lost their marbles and made decisions that even they will regret a lot sooner than later. Many nations lost innumerable citizens to natural disasters and, as usual, the Middle East lost whole cities to its own self-inflicted nightmares. Many of us lost partners or friends whom we will miss for whatever duration we get to enjoy.

But hope, as ever, springs eternal. The darkest hour gives way to the sunrise, the New Year arrives on a sea of bubbles emblazoned by the flashes of rockets from Sidney to London to Times Square. Goodbye and good riddance 2016. Hello 2017. We'll lighten the mood as best we can so check out the new content that follows.

But not without one last glance at some who are with us no more.






We'll start with the Top 20 Lustralboys on the year. Click for Nos. 20 to 11.






Soon continuing to the dizzy heights of Nos. 10 to 1. And what a smile that is!






Then let's discover who were the hottest Lustralboy models of  2016?






And, finally, here's Philippe, the first Lustralboy Heartstopper of 2017.


Happy New Year to him and to you.


Michael and Kinder

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