As we put our July content to bed, we welcomed the news that the Boy Scouts of America had voted last Monday to lift a long-established ban on gay  as employees and volunteers within the organization. The BSA's full executive board voted 45 to 12 in favor of the change, effective immediately. The Mormon church is considering leaving the Scouts in protest. Let them leave, we say! It reads like another step forward in the diminishing of gay prejudice across the pond. Long may it continue.

This month we feature the global breakthrough of another Brit band, Years and Years. Fronted by Olly Alexander, fresh from a number of stage and movie triumphs, their first album released last week is a compelling electropop roller coaster. Olly's voice has some of the tonal qualities of Sam Smith. They also share the status of being out gay pop stars. Enjoy discovering Olly.




Tom Daley revealed more about his attitude to being "out." As usual, his openness makes him a great role model for gay youth.







And great role models for youth in general are popular Brit divers, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears. 







Elsewhere, the Model of the Month is a relative newcomer, the deceptively youthful Davy Swart.







Look out for the returned feature, the daily Lustralboy Spirit Lifter. It does what it says on the page.







As usual, we have collated the last month's Top Ten Images. Yes, it was a hot July.



We wish you a month of happy scrolling.



Michael and Kinder

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