October 30th, 2014

The Earthquake that Never Was.

Afficionados of international news cannot possibly have missed the shenanigans that went on in the Vatican throughout much of October. The Pope's Family Synod hit the headlines when the draft of a new vision for gay catholics was variously hailed as an "Earthquake" or a "Breakthrough" in the longstanding morass of Vatican homophobia. Carelessly, the media turned a blind eye to the rants of legendary bigot, Cardinal Burke, someone we immediately recognised as more typical of the prevailing prejudice in Rome. So when, a few days later the "breakthrough" proved no more than a damp squib, we were not the least surprised. The Pope did not take his defeat lying down, however, and speedily fired the ranting Cardinal. Read more on this extraordinary tale in our monthly feature.





Italy, also delivers a happier news item Check out the Mr. and Mr. Ambassador story here.







As indeed does Spain, where Than Morales, a stunner from Madrid, now graces our Model of the Month page.







Moving on to Australia, Lustralboy favourite, Matthew Mitcham, is there mounting his first one-man show.







Back in London, we bring you news and sounds of popstars Sam Smith and George Ezra.







Meanwhile, from all over the planet come the now usual Top Ten pics of the previous month. 







Finally, we strongly endorse Apple CEO, Tim Cook's coming out, foreshadowed in Lustralboy News back in August 2011. Cook is the first CEO of an S&P 500 company to declare his gayness in public. It’s a watershed moment for the gay community, particularly in America, where protection against workplace discrimination is absent in 29 states. Executive recruiters claim that, globally, when boards are choosing between two candidates with equal credentials they almost always choose the person who "fits in the most". Maybe Tim's announcement will mark the beginning of the end to that tendency. It could be the Eartquake That Is!

On that positive note, we wish you happy November browsing.

Michael n Kinder.

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