June 30th, 2016

Lest we ever forget

So much has been written about the massacre of forty-nine innocent, mainly gay, people in Orlando that we felt no neeed to deepen the gloom surrounding the incident. We wish however to acknowledge the simple truth, namely that this was one of those dark days that will linger forever in the memory.






So, we thought, let's cheer ourselves with the more beautiful aspects of our gay world. Yes, it's the Top Ten images of the half-year so far. 


And explore another aspect of loveliness, with our July M o t M, Louis Mayhew.







While Igor Denali completely justifies his status as our July 'Heartstopper.'







And finally it's well done again to these boys for making it to our Top Ten for July.



As ever, happy browsing.



Michael and Kinder

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