How the world has changed. Asking a gay man in the 60's who were his role models, you might have received a blank stare for your pains, or, at best, a reference to Oscar Wilde or Leonardo da Vinci. Or, if he was young and in touch with the pop scene, David Bowie might have garnered a mention. Nowadays, every field of culture has its visible gay icons, from , amongst a huge list, David Hockney or Ian McKellen in the arts, Gareth Davies or Tom Daley in sport and dear old Sir Elton keeping the flag flying for the many out gay pop stars. Leading lights among the youngsters include Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Olly Alexander and, a relative newcomer, Aussie actor and pop star, Troye Sivan.

Yes, it's a belated hello to Troye, his life and his music, here at Lustralboy.







Now, how about this for a Heartstopper. Meet Ukrainian headturner, Sergey “Sergio” Brisyuk







And Model of the Month, Danil Cherkas, may induce a  few sleepless nights.







Finally it's well done to these boys for making it to our Top Ten for April.



As ever, happy browsing.



Michael and Kinder

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